Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Status Quo

OK, so I've gotten as far as the toe on the 2nd sock. Amazing progress since I've been too tired to knit much the last week. I've also decided that I hate the flower petal hat. I. Hate. It. For some reason my stitches aren't even. Could be that my make one's are too tight and are pulling everything else out of whack. Could be that my hate is just making it look like bunk. So instead of doing the smart thing which is pulling it all out, burning the pattern and starting a different cuter hat, I've decided to buy yet more yarn to try the pattern again. This time I bought sport weight (I think.) At least this time I didn't have them wind it so I could theoretically return the unused yarn. (I've heard that some people do actually return unused yarn - I've never actually seen it happen.)

Thursday, March 8, 2007

2nd Sock

I'm well on my way into the 2nd Bay Sock. I'm quite proud I've made it this far and haven't started a new project. Much to my dismay, not only will the socks not match stripe for stripe, but apparently my tension is different on the lace pattern of the 2nd sock. So I will have more lace repeats on the 2nd one. Sure I could rip the whole thing out... but there's no way I'm going to do that. I want to get the darn thing done!

I want to work on the cursed hat. Sort of.
I want to cast on 2 socks at once on circular needles. I've been working out the pattern in my head and I'm really excited about this one.
I really need to work on the afghan.
And the shawl - should really get that one off the needles sometime before summer.