Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Burnin' Down the House

Schoppel Wolle in Burnt Almonds

Well, I'm certainly not burning down the house with blog posts. I'm sorry, I just haven't felt the urge to blog lately, I've been completely swamped at work. I'm really hoping things will settle down soon. I also have been having a hard time because I haven't felt like I've really been knitting anything worthy of the blog - not that that has stopped me in the past. Oh yes, and my youngest has decided that it is perfectly acceptable to run around screaming until 10:30 at night. I put her to bed, she pops back out.

I did 16 baby hats in March.

I finished up my Sock It To Me III socks. Which I never took photos of...

I am almost done with a Baby Surprise Jacket.

I am looking forward to knitting Firestarters. I'm using Shoppel Wolle in Burnt Almonds. I'm very excited about this yarn. It's a single ply, super soft wool/nylon blend. I picked up one ball of the Burnt Almond, and one of the Tropical Fish. One of the girls at my LYS seemed to think that the Tropical Fish would go very fast. I couldn't let someone else get it before me!!

That's it folks, that's all I've got in me today.


Syren said...

Much better! It makes me laugh that Lily runs around until 10:30!

Knittymuggins said...

Pretty pretty yarnz!