Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ohh ohh ohh

I love getting boxes in the mail! Even when I know something is coming, I still get it excited when it arrives.

This is 1 pound of Yak/Alpaca. I split it with alcarin (Ravelry ID). It's kind of an odd story how this came about.

This one time, at knitting camp (Sock Summit), I sat down next to some complete strangers. We talked about the great things in the marketplace and all the things we coveted (I strongly considered Socks That Rock Sock Club). Carin told us about some yak alpaca that was being sold because it was over processed for commercial spinning. She and I decided to split 2 lbs. Since my share arrived, I've been dreaming of a February Lady Sweater.

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Northwoods Baby said...

I LOVE this hat. I made one for Husband but made it too short, and Dude has laid claim to it. I used a pretty bulky wool for it, and it's nice and thick for weenter. Not that I'm going to accept its arrival anytime soon, but just in case, and all.

Northwoods Baby said...

FRICK. I meant this for the BF hat post. Gadzooks, I need a nap.