Monday, February 26, 2007

This is an attempt to organize myself and my knitting projects. A way to actually prove to myself (and maybe my husband too) that I do get some knitting projects done! A way to organize my thoughts. A way to get a grip on the OCD thoughts that I have about knitting in the middle of the night. (Hey, it's either knitting or worrying about the kids, which would you prefer?)

I've been rather frustrated with my knitting lately. Lots of frogging (ripping back) has been done on several projects. I don't even want to pick up the cute little circle sweater I am making for Addie because I screwed up the sleeve and have to rip it back. Did it occur to me anywhere in the 8 freaking inches that I knitted that perhaps the sleeve was a "tad" wide? That maybe you could put 3 of Addie's little toddler arms in there? Yes, yes, I know that my gauge isn't quite on... but how much difference could that make? Oh yeah, and here I was supposed to switch to a smaller size needle. Oh yeah, and it's supposed to be 2x2 ribbing instead of stockinette. Geez! Read the pattern already!! I have no idea what I was thinking.

Then there's the sock I'm knitting. Number 2 sock actually (I'm very proud that I'm not succumbing to 2nd Sock Syndrome!) I had to rip it out after I got to the pattern stitch because I did the math wrong. 9x7 = 63 not 64. So I frogged it, started over and got back to the exact same point before I realized that I hadn't started the 2nd sock at the same point in the yarn pattern that I started the first. So one sock starts the color graduation with yellow, the other starts with blue. Who needs matching socks anyway? The colors will all be the same, they just won't be the same color at the same points. Maybe mom won't notice....

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