Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Flower Petal Hat

Here it is! Finally a picture of the hat.

I'm feeling a little disjointed in my knitting today. I sat down to work on a new version of the hat and decided that I still hate it. I ended up switching to size 3 needles and still don't like how big it's coming out. I also had to switch to knitting the hat flat because I didn't have size 3 double points or a circular. Which of course means I need to tweak the pattern a little. In starting the hat on straight needles I needed to go back to a pixie hat I was making on size 3's. I had set this one aside thinking that the k2,p2 pattern was just too darn putsy. Well, amazing what doing somewhat complex lace patterns will do to change your way of thinking. (the twisted Barvarian sock is not something I can knit without thinking) This pixie hat is just the thing I needed to work on today. No thought involved at all. (well hardly any, just the occasional counting as I get to the end of a row)

To make matters worse I was online looking for the instructions to the pixie hat (I think I threw them away in the midst of a hissy fit/cleaning spree) I found a pattern to an adorable set of life preserver baby booties made with Fixation yarn. Oh man, I suppose those will be next! Do check out the Charitable Crafters website. They've got a ton of patterns available for free.

Do I look like I need another knitting project?


ChupieandJ'smama said...

That is the cutest hat! I can't knit, but if I had girls, I'd learn just to make that hat.

KELLY said...

i hope you find this post! i just love this hat and saw a little girl at a fiber festival with the same one her mom had made. Have you found the pattern? I have been looking and am not having any luck, i would love to hear from you or anyone who may know ;)