Friday, April 25, 2008

Finished Object = Good Karma

I finished something I finished something I finished something! Yeah, they're baby socks/booties. That still counts, even though they're small! This took me awhile to finish the second sock only because I'm working on a few other projects all at the same time. That's probably why I'm so happy to finish something. :) It's the Chevron sock from Better than Booties than I posted about earlier. It's going to Warm Woolies today. I knit them as part of a Good Karma Swap on Ravelry. The idea is that you knit something for Warm Woolies (building up Good Karma) and then you send a package of luxury yarn and yarn items to someone in the group.

I got my package yesterday and it was really exciting to open it! The girls each got little gifts which they loved. I got a skein of Yarni (yahooooooo!) it's my absolute favorite sock yarn and I think I might just design a sock for a Sox contest out of this. Eeeee.... I know I won't win, but I may have a lot of fun trying. Anyway, back to the package. I got a tape measure, a box of beautiful chocolates, a Yankee candle, some homemade stitch markers and a row marker, a children's party book, the new Vogue Knitting and the Winter '99-'00 Vogue Knitting that I needed to make a beautiful wrap that I have queued. Oh yes, and a Godiva box that contained something better than Godiva.... cashmere!
Wheeee! I'm pretty excited about the cashmere. Right now I'm just petting it. I don't have any idea what I'm going to do with it yet. Whatever it is, it's got to be good. I'm in knitting heaven.


Knittymuggins said...

Great package!! I love those socks you made too. So adorable :)

That cashmere is the exact same stuff I used to make my 500 pairs of Christmas Fetchings last holiday. You could always make some of those ;) Have fun dreaming of your new projects!


knitsational said...

I gotta say, cashmere is definately better than chocolate.

Lisa said...

I love the socks, they are so precious!

You will absolutely love working with the cashmere! I can't wait to see what becomes of both yarns!