Monday, April 21, 2008

Tum, Ta-Tum, Tum, Tuuuuummmm....

Tums the Hippo on the Loose!

Tums the Hippo was recently spotted grazing in the potted plants in Mona Dude's dining room. The recently completed Hippo (originally from MochiMochiLand) was reported missing from the gift bag she should have been placed in. Her young owner to be, Ellie, was unable to comment on the missing hippo. Reports that Ellie was crying in her bassinet appear to be true. Although the young Tums is missing her teeth, she is known to be dangerously cute. Please use caution while knitting.

Pattern: Tums the Hippo from Mochi Mochi Land
Yarn: Cascade 220 - in a slightly darker purple than it shows here, Cascade 220 in white (thanks D!) for the missing teeth - the drier ate the teeth, and white angora with embroidery floss for the eyes.
Modifications: None really which is pretty amazing for me! I did leave off the teeth, but I'm considering re-doing them before I send it to my niece.


kasiaiscarly said...

omg he's so cute! great job!

knitsational said...


"Jim" from MutualOfOmaha said...

hippo sighting! I happen to have a Hippo tag and I have a partner (Addie) who is itching to hippo-hunt for the hungry hungry hippo!
To the jungle for the elusive purple hippo!

Lisa said...

How absolutely adorable! Lucky neice!