Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Too Cute

I'm working on some socks/booties for Warm Woolies for a swap on Ravelry. I decided to whip up a few using a pattern on Knitting Daily.

Pattern: Better than Booties Baby Socks
Yarn: Cascade 220 (everything sent to Warm Woolies should be 100% wool)
Needles: 2's I think
Modifications: The pattern calls for sock yarn (Lorna's Laces to be exact). However, I thought these would be much toastier in a thicker wool so I subbed Cascade 220. To make a child's size sock, I ended up only casting on 30 stitches. I did the chevron stitches on the sides, but not on the foot, thinking this would help keep a kid's feet warmer. Fewer holes, warmer feet - right?

I've never done a picot edge before, so I was amazed at how easily it worked. Like butter. Well, like butter after I realized that the K2 should have been K2tog and ripped out the original work. Oh well, it sure is cute!
And speaking of cute, Addie did her first bit of knitting yesterday. I taught her to knit with her fingers. Basically she's just making a chain - I'm not even sure that it counts as knitting, but as a proud Momma I get to call it whatever I want. Besides, she's really proud of that "snake." I'm going to pick up a little knitting dolly for her today to see if that might be easier for her. I think she'd love to make some Knitted Babes. I may need to add that to my Amazon wish list. She keeps asking me to turn her snake into a princess. I think it may take more than a kiss - this isn't a frog prince we're talking about!

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Lisa said...

WONDERFUL!! I so wish that Trouble or Munchkin would have wanted to learn. I can't wait to see how the snake transforms into a princess.....