Monday, June 18, 2007

Baby Booties

It's the new crack - baby booties!

Almost everyone I know is pregnant and due within the next few weeks. I hadn't started knitting anything before last night and was all worked up because I don't have any real plans. Then I found this.... The Cutest Baby Booties Ever. The pattern is located at Saarti Knits - it's over in the sidebar, you have to click on the English version (unless you speak Danish).

I made the bootie with leftover sock yarn. I am amazed at how fast this little puppy went. I knit the majority of it last night (while watching a subtitled movie!) and just finished up the straps this morning while the girls had breakfast. I need to sew the seams tonight when I get home and sew on the buttons, but I know just what buttons I'll use. The pattern calls for 2 colors, but I've used self striping sock yarn and I really like the effect. I think it makes for a more unique looking bootie. The challenge of course will be to see if I can get the 2nd bootie to match colorwise.

At this rate, I can use up a lot of leftover sock yarn and make a ton of booties for my friends. This pattern truely is the new crack!


Syren said...

Those are cute. You should make me a pair to give to Kendra! She's having a little boy and since crack is addicting this will be fun for you...and cheap for me since it takes very little time and just old yarn!

Jofrog said...

Super cute bootie!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm working up the pattern in a larger (9-15mo or so) size. The babies I wanted to try it on weren't at playgroup this past week, but I think it's looking good. Let me know if you want me to make you some! I'm planning on starting an Etsy store soon, but I'm taking custom orders for now.

Jofrog said...

PS I just started selling them on Etsy today!

Robyn said...

Cute! I haven't tried booties yet, they seem so tiny!

Thanks for your comment, I like your river rapid socks!