Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sock Details

Awww... you guys are too kind! My husband is going to be blushing when he reads the comments!

Here are the details I left out of my previous post:

Yarn: Yarni - no colorway, it's made by a woman in North St. Paul, MN. I found the yarn at the Yarnery (840 Grand Ave, St. Paul MN). The yarn is dyed by someone who works there. If you call them they will describe the Yarni they have in stock and take your CC info and ship it out. They are insanely helpful! I've bought a few things over the phone from them after being in their store and I would definitely do it again. It's kind of fun to have a colorway described to you and then get it in the mail without ever having seen it. If anyone happens to know the woman who dyes Yarni, let me know because I would love to get in connect her with my LYS. The yarn is incredibly soft - 75% superwash wool, 25% nylon - and amazing to work with.

Pattern: River Rapids Sock by Sockbug. I really stuck to the pattern (amazing for me!) because I wanted to be sure to have 2 consistent socks. :) Plus, the pattern is very well written and easy to follow. The only thing I changed was the toe because it was getting too long and pointy. The pattern is written top down with 2 circulars, but I used dp because that's what I happened to have free. (I prefer dp, but what can you do?)

The Husband: Yep, he's pretty cute. Very willing to ham it up for the camera! We've been married for 7 1/2 years, we got married just out of college (well, I was anyway. He had been working for a couple years) He's one of the smartest people I know, which makes it very difficult to argue with him since he always has something to back up his arguments! The facial hair is relatively new since he doesn't have to wear a uniform anymore. One of the benefits of his new position.

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thats a great looking sock