Friday, June 1, 2007


I am avoiding doing all sorts of things lately. I've been avoiding writing this blog because I don't really have anything terribly witty to say. I don't have any new pictures to put in and I don't have much progress to show on anything. Truth to tell, my eyes have really been bothering me at night. I know I need to call the eye doctor, but the idea of getting bifocals before I'm 30 just freaks the heck out of me. If I see the eye doctor he might say "it's time..."

So, I'll use the readers on top of my contact lenses. And I'll avoid knitting with dark fingering weight yarn.

One other thing has been really bothering me lately as I work on my Sockapalooza sock. The pattern called for 3 repeats before starting the heel. Although I love this length and I would definitely wear it, will it be too long for a gal from the South? I think it will come mid-calf. My pal's from Georgia - is this too deep-South-the-air-is-so-thick-we-can-bearly-breathe-why-would-we-wear-high socks? Should I have done anklets? Or is it something that this woman will break out these socks during their "cold season" (which would be equivelent to our spring and fall!) After all, she wouldn't sign up for a sock exchange if she didn't wear socks at least part of the year. Right?


Reggie said...

Having lived in Alabama a few years back, I can tell you that even wool socks will get worn during their "Winter". Forty degrees feels pretty balmy to us Northerners, but to those acustomed to the Southern heat, it's quite chilly!(yes, the heat killed us in the summer!, but they looked cool and fresh...) The children were so bundled up during the winter months they could barely move....Go with the longer length.

Terri Lynn said...

I lived in Tennessee for a while, and once you get acclimated to the southern weather, you really do appreciate warm clothing in those (30-40 degrees) winter months.

Helen Keller said...

Oh my! Bifocals at terrible! I HAD BIFOCALS AT 8! Yes! 8! (but I don't have to wear them anymore....sometimes your vision corrects itself with bifocals....)