Monday, July 9, 2007

I'm Pretty Sure I'm Insane

Yep, I'm crazy. I've been reading other people's blogs a lot lately. Including the Yarn Harlot and another Jess. Now the Yarn Harlot does lots of very intricate knitting and just because she signs up for something doesn't mean that I would. She's light years ahead of me in her knitting and seems to be crazy-fast. However, enough non-professionals mentioned this thing that I went to check it out. It's called MS3 or Mystery Stole 3. Basically you start knitting something, but you only see a small section at a time. To make matters worse, it's in lace weight and you get 100 rows (or so) at a time. Now I've knitted lace before, just not in lace weight yarn.

So I blindly went out and bought 1200 yards of lace weight yarn and some needles.

I'm on row 53. I've got to get caught up! The main problem is that I cannot knit this with the girls around. First, I need to concentrate on the pattern. Second, I need to concentrate so that slippery tiny thin yarn doesn't slip off the needles. Thirdly, if the girls see my knitting and someone tries to play with it all will very easily be lost. I will cry if they rip out my lace. I have to stop every few rows to admire what I've done so far. It is amazingly beautiful. I'm not overly impressed with my own skills at knitting with lace weight, but I'm fairly confident that most of my issues will block itself out. Maybe.

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