Friday, August 10, 2007

Sockapalooza 4

I love getting mail! Especially when the mail looks like this and comes from overseas!

This little package came all the way from Leicestershire, England. Sweet! Addie was very excited to help me unpack and unwrap the packages. Poor Lily just sat on the couch and watched us unwrap. She couldn't quite scoot her butt off the couch fast enough. I felt like a bad momma, but since the milk chocolates were one of the first things I opened, I didn't want her too near that. Weeza very nicely wrapped all sorts of little things - she obviously knew that the girls would dig opening them with me! So what did I get? Well....

chocolate -yummy!
some yummy hand lotion
Seriously, you try photographing a clear plastic object! It's a knitting dolly that Addie is extremely excited about - I've told her she needs to wait until she is 6 before she learns to knit, but I may let her try this out earlier just for kicks.
extra yarn for my socks
Oh yeah, and super cool socks! They fit beautifully - I am amazed at how perfectly they fit. I will upload pictures, but they are red and brown stripes and you can see them here.

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