Tuesday, August 28, 2007

You've Got Mail!

My Sock It To Me Package arrived!! The girls were very excited to help me open up a package I received from Germany. It distracted them from wanting to go outside into a brewing thunderstorm. :) It was full of fantastic dark chocolate, some scents for tea lights, a notebook, some pretty tissues (how did you know I have a snuffly nose?), and wonderful yarn.
The girls were very excited about the chocolate. Lily kept saying, "Some?" "Treat?" I was very excited to see that because the chocolate is very dark and because Europe has wonderful chocolate laws (or guidelines or something like that) that Lily can actually eat it. The chocolate doesn't have any milk in it! Yahoo! So Lily got to sample her first European chocolate (probably her 2nd taste of chocolate ever). I can safely say that she is hooked. I've got a picture of her with chocolate running down her face, but am having trouble rotating it - silly computer.

And this. Lots of sock yarn! Beautiful sock yarn. Two skeins of Regia in a beautiful muted blues and greens and one of Wollmeise Sockenwolle in brilliant blues. Both German sock yarns, I'm such a fan of buying what you can get locally - this is awesome. Although I've seen the Regia (not this colorway though, and I've never bought any) I've never seen the Sockenwolle up close. It is very pretty. Thank you knittergrrl!


Anonymous said...

Glad it got there in one piece!!! :) Your girls are so adorable and I'm so happy that they can partake in the chocolate-y goodness!

--Your SITM pal

Lisa said...

The package looks wonderful. I love dark chocolate and I love it when I get some from "across the pond".

I can't wait to see what you make with that beautiful scok yarn. I have never worked with the Sockenwolle before, but I love the Regia. Keep us posted when you are ready to wip them into something.....Please....

Dorothy said...

There is nothing more precious than a little girl smiling for the camera!