Sunday, September 2, 2007

I Swear....

I swear I'm knitting. I'm working on my Sock It To Me socks. It's toe up and I'm almost past the gusset on the first sock. This is taking me an incredibly long time but I promise they will get done. I actually got to work on the socks a lot this weekend at the cabin. Adam and his friend Chris spent a lot of time playing with the girls and I got about a half hour of completely uninterrupted knitting time while they were napping and my spaghetti sauce was bubbling on the stove.

I did take some sock pictures, but I'm hesitant to put them up in case my SITM pal knows who I am now. It does me no good to try on the socks myself, my pal has much longer feet than I do. I just have to hope that the yarn has enough stretch to cover any sizing issues.

So here's some yarn to drool over. It's Wool in the Woods, in unknown (Royal Jubilee or something like that) colorway.

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