Sunday, September 30, 2007

I've Been Busy

Even though I've been sticking to my No Knitting Rule - I did cheat a little, I cast off one of the secret items I've been making. However that hardly counts since it was about 30 stitches. I finished the phase where all you think about is your addiction. I think I am almost over the shaking hands part of withdrawl. I did carry my knitting bag with me all weekend *just in case*. I guess I am truly a junkie. But I can quit anytime. ;)

KnittyMuggins sent me a neat link (sorry the link to the tutorial is at work and I am at home) to make your own Sock Blockers. This afternoon while the girls were sleeping (prime knitting time at my house) I worked on the blockers.

I found 2 kids placemats at Target for $1.99 each. Only one is needed for a pair unless you have absolutely huge feet. My husband has size 12's and one placemat worked for his. I wanted to make a large (husbandish size) and a smaller (me and most of my family) size. I traced a sock onto white drawing paper - good thing I have all the art supplies from the kids. I cut out the paper socks and taped them onto the placemats.

I feel that I should add that the placemats I used were the thick foamy type with the plasticized front. I think the tutorial called for the thin type that are basically laminated - although I could be wrong on this. I think the foamy ones will hold up just fine, perhaps even better than the laminated ones.

Next, I cut out the feet. I added an extra bit of length to each because I wanted the tops to stick out and to be kind of decorative. I wasn't very scientific about the whole thing, my feet cutouts are not exactly the same and if I were to do it again I would add extra width to the ankle/leg instead of keeping them straight all the way up the leg. Otherwise, I think these will do just fine and are pretty cute.

The man blockers.
The girly ones. These are slightly thicker at the cankle because I learned my lesson on the first ones. I also should add that my husband (because he's better at finishing details than I am) took some light sandpaper to the edges to smooth everything out. Now the socks just slip right on the blockers.


Knittymuggins said...

Wooo! *Awesometastic*!! Thanks so much for sharing - I was hoping to see your process for this as I have to make some of my own sometime soon :) Here's the link for anyone that might need it. Your sock blockers look great and I hope they work fantastic too!

Syren said...

You so knit on Saturday! I was sitting right next to you!!!

Jess P. said...

Yes, I knit on Saturday, but only to cast off that one item - and again it was only 30 stitches so it doesn't count. Besides, I think what's really aggravating my hand is driving the little car back and forth to daycare.

needelin the haystack said...

Nice shout out to the hubby, keep a little going to him and he will probably keep working for you. No more driving and you can knit all day long, hmmm that seems to work out well ;)