Monday, October 1, 2007

Sock It To Me Jackpot

I got my package from Germany in the mail today. The mailman brought it to the house while I was in the shower so I had to go to the post office (not once, but twice!) to pick it up.

First of all, Lily would like to say thank you or "well ome" as she would say, for all the yummy chocolate. She's very happy that you took her not so subtle hint. Please ignore the dirty face and dirty clothes, she just came home from daycare where I swear they roll in dirt. :)

My package had lots and lots of chocolate (The little pieces didn't even make it home). Notice the little hand trying to grab some of the chocolate? My husband is pretty sure Christmas came early this year since there was chocolate covered Kirsch cherries, something he only gets once a year - and the US ones don't normally have the Kirsch in them. Adam's quote is, "dark chocolate and alcohol, how can you go wrong? I don't know this woman, but I sure do like her." There was also a sock blocker key chain, some post-its, a fantastic satchet from Scout's Swag (I want one for every room of my house and one for each car it smells too fantastic to just keep with my yarn!), and beautiful socks.

They are Embossed Leaves from Favorite Socks in Fiber Artist Merino - Marine colorway. Kris did an incredible job on these. The picture doesn't really do them justice. The colorway is beautiful shades of blue with hints of purple and just a touch of green. Kris was an awesome secret pal. She sent me little notes all along the way and was a lot of fun to email. Thanks Kris, you're the best!


bockstark.knits said...

Oh good, I'm glad you like it (and the socks look like they fit!)! :) It was a treat spoiling you and hope that chocolate lasts a little while? ..ok, probably not...

Anonymous said...

So, you like treats, do you? Very interesting...It should be easy to please you come Christmas time.

from: Your Christmas Around the World swap partner.

Jess P. said...

Actually, I'm a hoarder. I'm afraid to open the chocolate because then it might be gone.

Yes, the socks fit and they are wonderfully soft! So nice.

Knittymuggins said...

Oooh - wonderful package! The chocolates sound divine (I'm a huge dark chocolate fan :) Hey, I'm a hoarder too! How funny! My husband *always* gives me a hard time about that. Thanks so much for the shout out about the sock blocking links on both your blog and the SITM Swap site. You're too sweet :)