Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Done Baby Done!

One more for the finished pile! This is the Cottage Creations Babies & Bears Sweater. It still needs buttons, but I don't have a needle that's got the right size eye. Crazy, yet true! I also weaved in the ends after taking the pictures - I was just too impatient! The color is slightly off in these pictures. It's a very soft green. The yarn is Rowan Soft Baby. Love it!!



Now if I could only hold Lily still long enough to get this on her! I try to put it on her and she says, "No jacket Momma." Ugh! Wouldn't it be my luck that the child doesn't want the sweater I knit for her?


Knittymuggins said...

*SO* adorable! And I'm sure once you can manage to get Lily to sit still, it will be really precious on her :) Fantastic job!


dbeltt said...

I can't believe you finished this already. I'm ridiculously behind on mine!