Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm Such a Blonde

I'm feeling like a total dork. I just realized that I wrote this post about my new hat I just finished and I posted it to the wrong blog. A sock making blog. Now to be fair, I am subscribed to about 8 blogs. But seriously. Sheesh!

Anyway, here are the details:
It's the Lavendar Lace Beanie from 101 Designer One Skein Wonders. The pattern called for one skein of 131 yds, however, it took a lot less than that. The yarn is worsted weight Naturally Sensation - 70/30 Merino Angora. It's really a bit more subdued in color than this picture - more of a burgundy. I'm totally in love with this yarn. I've bought enough for the recipient of this hat, a extra skein of red for a hat for me, and a skein of purple for a hat for Lily. I'm hoping I'll have enough left over from my skein to also make a hat for Addie. It is some good stuff!


Knittymuggins said...

Beautiful hat Jess! Your pal will be *so* lucky to get it! I'm glad you got enough yarn to make one for you too ;)


For Exchanges said...

Hello, i am your sock pal. I can not seem to find an email address for you. Could you email me please?

Darla said...

Wow! Your eyes look REALLY blue in that picture. ANd the color is very striking on you...perhaps you should keep the beanie for yourself?