Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dreaming of Spring

Our snow is finally starting to melt so that we have bare, muddy patches in the yard. (ask me how much I love dogsitting an energetic puppy that doesn't like to have her paws wiped off.) (you could also ask how many times I've mopped the kitchen today for just that reason.) Don't get me wrong, spring is still a long way off up here by Lake Superior. We still have drifts of snow and I heard we had several inches of snow predicted for tonight. However, it will most likely melt shortly after landing.

So here I am, dreaming of crocuses and daffidiles that won't poke their heads up for another month, when I run across this. Oh yeah, baby!

This is the most yarnalicious scrumptious yarn I think I have ever seen. All of the colors available right now look like spring! It's Yarni and as far as I know, it's only found at the Yarnery in St. Paul, MN. BUT now they offer online shopping, so I don't have to call and ask them to describe the colors for me anymore! It's a pricey little number - $30 for 470 yds. It's dyed by a couple who live in/around St. Paul so it's somewhat local for me. This is my honest to goodness favoritest sock yarn eva'. It is soft, it is squishy, it is so much fun to knit.

I'm in Luuuuvvv. I've had that Yarnery page open on my computer all week. Just staring at the colors. And how can you not love the names?

New Shoot Green

Favorite Jeans - Remember these? My River Rapids socks made for my Sockapalooza pal last summer.

Raspberry Blueberry Swirl - nothin' says Minnesota like blueberries!

Tangerini - sounds like a drink I could slurp right down!

Prairie Landscape

Rose Petals and Sage - I can almost smell it

For those of you wondering about an Addie update, her doc called us at home yesterday. Apparently after 2 days her strep culture did begin to grow very spotty strep colonies. So... we put her on antibiotics. She seems to be in better spirits today, but she still doesn't have a lot of energy. This afternoon she actually told me she was tired and asked to take a nap!! That never happens!

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Lisa said...

First, glad that Addie has meds and that she will beging to recover!

Second, those names sound addictive! I especially like that last one.....