Monday, March 31, 2008

Freaky Cute

Knit pants? Oh yeeeaaah, in a 2 year old size. They're so cute, they're freaky cute. I still have to find some elastic and add that, sew down the waistband and add some cute ribbon as a tie around the waist. Then I'm done-baby-done. I think they'll fit better when there's elastic around the waist instead of a yarn needle holding it together in the back. :) I'm kind of shocked that I refrained from photographing the adorable diaper-butt.


Pattern: Baby Bell Bottoms from The Blue Blog
Yarn: Knitpicks Shine Sport - I'd never used this before but it's super soft.
Needles: Size 6
Comments: I started this on the way out to South Dakota to say goodbye to Grandma. Unfortunately I could neither count nor write down exactly how I had changed the pattern, so the second leg is slightly different from the first. (Bad bad knitter) However, you really can't tell from looking at it. I am apparently also just plain dumb when it comes to measuring pants. Her inseam is 12" so when I measured the pants I measured 12" top to bottom, not along the inseam. Duh. So they're a little long instead of fitting perfectly like I had hoped. But hey, this way she has room to grow!

I'm hoping to do a few pairs of these for friends whose children are not quite fitting into standard sizes.

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Lisa said...

I think that they are adorable, even if their aren't perfectly matching! I can't wait to see them gussied up with the elastic and the ribbon!