Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sock It To Me Again

Although there has been quite a bit of knitting going on, there hasn't been any finished projects and I haven't really felt like photographing any works in progress. To top it all off, while in the hospital with my Grandma, most of us caught some sort of hospital-grade crud. Mine was most likely pneumonia, although not confirmed. So I lost all momentum for about a week.

However, I did get this very nice package from Michelle, my Sock It To Me Again pal. It was full of wonderful things, including a skein of yarn that was leftover from the socks she made me.

Coincidentally, my friend Darla called me with a dilemma. Her husband, Eugene (who deserves to be ridiculed a little), put the booties I had made for their son in the wash. It went through a hot wash and into the dryer. So these cute little Koigu booties that I made will now fit an elf. Maybe. Since I know Darla loves these booties and her son wears them everywhere, I told her I would make her another pair. So I started a pair out of the leftover sock yarn. They're more of a summer weight bootie - much thinner than the Koigu ones. I thought about embroidering "Handwash only" on the sides, but thought that might be too subtle. What do you think?


Michelle in Colorado Springs said...

The yarn should be machine washable. At least that was what the label said.

Knittymuggins said...

So sorry to hear you're all sick on top of everything else :( I hope you feel better soon and that your SITM Twice package cheered you up a bit! Take care!


Darla said...

Washing it was possibly ok. Throwing them in the dryer on high was most likely the kiss of death...I have lost many sweaters that way.

This from a man who hangs his cotton long underwear shirt up to "gently dry". He knows....he just doesn't care. So that means I get new sweaters...And was I missing those booties during our recnet hospital stay!!

Lisa said...

He deserves to have the message on the new ones.....I love the SITMT package....hope all is better ther now....