Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Random Christmas

Fiddlehead mitten in Manos Silky... mmmm....

  • I gave my co-worker 1 mitten today as a Christmas present. All I have is the thumb left to knit on the second mitten, so I hopefully can get it to her after lunch today.
  • The 2nd Fiddlehead mittens are not going to be done in time for Christmas. I'm only partially done with the first mitten. I absolutely love the colors and the Manos Silky is amazing. I think lining this with yellow Frog Tree Alpaca will make them gorgeous. Since they won't be done in time for Christmas, I wrapped up a bunch of Pampered Chef knives and a cutting board for my daycare lady. Kind of ironic that I would give my daycare lady knives, but she likes to cook.
  • All my other projects are folding for now. I'm going to start off with a clean plate in January with the Personal Sock Club. And perhaps a shawl.....

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