Monday, December 8, 2008


Frantic Christmas Knitters
Oh Dear. Why didn't anyone tell me? Actually, why did someone tell me that there are ONLY 14 days until Christmas? I am completely freaking out. Every year this happens. I think I'm totally in control of my Christmas knitting and then, Wham! I get hit with the reality of the situation. So here's where I stand.

_______ for ___________ (reader of the blog) DONE
slouche hat for ___________ DONE
snail hat for ________ DONE
turn a square hat for _________ DONE
washcloths for Oma edited to DONE
Fiddleheads for Grandma - 1 to finish by Christmas (weekend after)
Mittens for _________ - to finish by the 24th (on 1st cuff) Edited to may be frogged to cast on more stitches, this is pulling weird across the hand.
Fiddleheads for __________ - not even started
hat for ____________ - not even started

Realistically I think I can finish the 3 projects that are on the needles but not done. Which means that if I don't get the other items done, then I have a little more shopping to do. I need to knit like the wind folks!


Simply me said...

I keep running a mental list and I keep switching things up and shorting the amount of knitted gifts.

I keep saying "I have time, I have time" then I realize what the date is and do a minor little freak out.

I have one thing to finish up and one thing do decide on and (knock on wood) that's it.

Knittymuggins said...

Hey, I think you're doing awesome! And it's totally o.k. to fold on a few of your planned projects :) Christmas is supposed to be joyful, not stressful! Don't work too hard and have a great weekend!