Sunday, March 1, 2009


Iapologize, I've got nothing witty or slightly clever to say today. I've got a nasty cold and just can't seem to sleep (which is what I think I need in order to kick this). Plus, I found out on Friday that my job description is going to change drastically. Instead of working on special projects, I've been handed a very busy territory to work (I work for a newspaper company). I was thrown into the fire on Friday and I'm just struggling to get my feet under me. Sorry for the mixed metaphors, it's just that sort of day.

I've been working on this very full bobbin lately. By lately, I mean the last 3 weeks. It's merino and silk, 80/20 I believe. The color is Sandstone and it's from Ashland Bay Co.

I watched a Joy of Handspinning navajo plying video about 30 times and practiced on some waste fiber. I think I'm getting it. It seems to be going very well, except my plyed yarn seems rather thick. I hesitate to call it "rope" since at most it is Worsted Weight, however, it's feeling pretty substantial. I think I need to figure out how much spin to put into everything. More photos, including some of plyed yarn soon I hope. I still don't have a camera (just haven't had time to bargin shop) but that's going to be high on the list of priorities this week.

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Knittymuggins said...

Pretty pretty!!

SO sorry for your nasty cold :( Believe me, we've had our share here too and I know how much it stinks. Hope you get some rest & feel better soon! Don't stress about work - you'll be awesome. Have a great weekend :)