Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sick Kids = No Knitting

Addie is sick today... I didn't realize it until I was driving up an extremely high hill on our way to daycare. All of a sudden she started screaming and wanting me to hold her on my lap. Obviously since we were driving this wasn't possible. Finally I got it out of her that her ear hurt. She told me there was a bug in her ear! I turned the car around and started back down the hill towards home while calling the clinic.

They got her in and sure enough, she has one red ear - no bug in it though! The thought did run through my mind of what she could possibly have stuck in it. The doc also checked little sister's ear and all is good there.
Little sis' has gotten 3 interupted naps, big sis' (Addie) has gotten none. Since I didn't go into work I brought some things home to work on. Right now the girls are upstairs calling for me. Therefore, there will be little knitting for me. It's a shame because I just have to finish up the other toddler sock and I can start swatching my sockapalooza sock... need those needles!

Maybe Little Sis and I can go outside to knit and enjoy the unseasonably warm 80 degree day!

Oh yeah, here's a little bit of yarn porn for you... prettier pictures of the yarn I bought in St. Paul.... any votes on which I use for my sock pal? (Not the green, it's not sock yarn)


Shannah said...

I like the yarn with all of the purples in it. Very pretty.

Beth said...

I'm partial to the blue yarn, but the purples are really pretty too.