Monday, May 7, 2007


I had a great time in the Yarnery on Saturday, I just wish I could have browsed a bit longer. I was in town for an Optimist Club district meeting and just didn't have much time. My pal doesn't have any preferences other than 2 colors she asked me to avoid. I, of course, seem extremely drawn to those colors. However, I fought off the urge and found myself drawn into another direction. I found some wonderful yarn for my Sockapalooza socks.... here are some ideas....

Koigu - not sure of the shade, but it's in beautiful greys and a slight tinge of brown. I don't know why my LYS doesn't carry Koigu, it's amazingly cool. I've heard so many people talking about it I feel like I've completely been in the dark! I am thinking of doing the River Rapids Socks from Sock Bug with this yarn. It looks like the rocks found on the edge of Lake Superior, perhaps that's why I'm drawn to the color and pattern!

Yarni - This is dyed by a woman in St. Paul. She had several skeins available, but I chose the blue that you see above. It is fantastically soft, I cannot wait to knit it up. I just want to play with it! I'm pretty sure that this will be the first pair of socks I make for myself. This yarn is so wonderfully soft I cannot imagine giving it away!

Rowan Soft Baby - I love this yarn. I don't have a project for it and it was a struggle to only buy 2 skeins. I wanted to buy every skein they have but common sense, such that it is, prevailed. It would make an amazing baby cardi, or hat, or a to-die-for baby blanket. I completely fell in love with the color meadow. Focus, must focus on socks. Do not get tied down into a blankie project that will suck up all of your available knitting time.

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Holly said...

I think the koigu will work fine for the yarn you are showing, the contrasts are not so great as to overwhelm the pattern.
Any semi-solid or low contrast multi-color will work.
But I hear your point, I have a huge stash of sock yarn, most of which I don't want to give up!