Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sockapalooza Anyone?

So I joined Sockapalooza 4 (probably best not to tell my husband, he'll think I've totally lost my marbles and try to take the girls away from me.) Actually, it's not so bad. I just have to knit one pair of socks before August 2nd. So... I went searching for the perfect pattern and perfect yarn today.... and came up mostly empty. I do have a couple of ideas though. I'll have to spend some time online looking... it's a rough life I have!

For my secret pal, hmmm... what would I like? Honestly I don't know. Go wild. Come up with awesome knee socks that I can wear with a little skirt. Little socks to wear in the summer. Mid-length lacey things. Who knows? I'm up for anything. I've knitted lots of things, but I don't think I've ever worn one of my knitted items... sad, isn't it? I always knit for others. The one shawl that I have started for myself is in knitting pergatory.

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jess's sockpal said...

Hi Jess, your sockpal here! I am lurking and trying to pick out a pattern and yarn for you... Hope your little girl feels better soon! :)