Friday, February 29, 2008

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Lisa asked me to get on with it and just cast on these puppies, so I did. No fancy photo shoots today despite the fresh dusting of snow we got overnight. Nope, just a down and dirty few quick shots in the car. This was a super fast knit. It took me just over a day to knit the first mitten.

Yarn: Plymouth Boku and Colinettte mohair. I loved how these worked together. The mohair just clung to the sticky wool/silk Boku so there wasn't any problem working with the 2 strands at once.
Button: A fun pounded metal button found at my LYS. When I showed it to Adam, his response was, "why didn't you just ask me to drill a hole in a quarter, that would have been cheaper!" Yes, but then I'd be constantly ripping the quarter off my mittens to pay for parking. I'd be wearing my mittens in July just so I'd have change for the meters!

Pattern: It's a Jess-hybrid. I used the Fittin' Mittens pattern to figure out the math and the basic idea (as I remembered it) from 101 Designer One Skein Wonders for the flip top portion. I changed the decreases on the top and on the thumb because I prefer the pointy look. Over all, I'm thrilled with how this mitten turned out. I've actually been wearing the single mitten because it's better than nothing. I'd better crank out the second one fast!


Lisa said...

Thank you Jess! Living vicariously through others is a wonderful thing! The first one looks so beautiful! The yarn combo is excellent. Still amused at the drill a hole in a quarter comment....sounds like a spouse comment indeed....

Knittymuggins said...

Beautiful!! I love your color combo and the silk with mohair sounds warm and gorgeous! Great job :)