Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spring? Knitting

My spring knitting goals are twofold, the first is to finish up all my unfinished projects. At least the ones that are out in the open that I admit to! :) The second is to actually make something for myself. I bought this yarn - Colinette mohair and Plymouth Boku - for mittens for myself. I've decided that I need flip-top mittens. Something warm (wool, silk and mohair should do the trick) but something that I can have my fingers free to get the girls in and out of their carseats. I find it a little sad that it is almost March and I'm making mittens. I could possibly be wearing these until April. I don't dare type that M-- mornings can be cold here also.

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Lisa said...

What beautiful yarns! Who cares what month it is? I am still trying to finish Cherie Amour which was supposed to be a fall item....who cares...I'll wear it in Florida at night during Spring Break....get them on the needles so that I can see them finished!