Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Friend D

My friend D is so cool. She read that I needed just a little bit of Cascade 220 in white and she's coming to the rescue. Go D, you're a rockstar! Go D! Woot. I'm doing my little happy dance while I type. Can you tell? Tums the Hippo will be so happy to get white teeth and paws.

On a totally different note, I ordered some sari silk yarn from The Breast Cancer Site. It was insanely cheap yarn. I got 3 skeins for less than I normally would pay for one. The only downside was that when I got it, it smelled like musty nasty old lady basement. Everything that it touched got that smell on it. It was bad. So... I did a little cleaning.

First I unraveled the skeins into long loops. I tied the loops at two points so I'd be able to (Hopefully!) wind them again one day. I filled my kitchen sink with warm water and Oxy Clean.
I soaked, rinsed and repeated about 30 times. I did all this when one of the girls was home sick. I would have taken pictures, but that would have meant cleaning off my kitchen counter and I just wasn't up to that. So, picture 3 skeins of stinky yarn in a kitchen sink.

Finally, when I thought they might be at least marginally less stinky (at this point I didn't have much hope for saving the yarn) I squeezed the skeins out and hung them in my basement to dry. I seriously thought about hanging them outside to air out, but I figured that if the squirrels didn't take them Yarn Harlot style, the freezing cold would just leave them frozen - not dry.

So... down in the basement they hung. And hung. And hung some more. Until I could get up the courage to go down and sniff them. Finally when I worked up the courage to sniff (holding a dryer sheet that I could sniff to counteract the stinkiness) I was shocked to find that they didn't stink. At. All. All I can say is that Oxy Clean works miracles!! Not only does it take blood and grime out of my kids clothes, it takes the stink out of yarn. Wow.
So now I've got 3 skeins of sari silk yarn to play with... pretty colors too.


Lisa said...

Thanks for the great tip! I ordered some as well and was wondering what to do with the musty old smell too. I don't have a basement, but I do have a garage that will "hold" them. All I have to do now is get some of that stuff to soak them in.....

Jess P. said...

Definitely get Oxy Clean. I used the powder - you can find it with the laundry detergent.

Knittymuggins said...

Cool! Thanks for the tip! I've used the liquid spray stuff to get stains out and that works pretty well. I'll have to try the powder sometime though. Glad your yarn is all back to normal :)