Thursday, May 8, 2008

Crazy Fast Knitting (Or, Will I Make My Deadline?)

I've been knitting super fast (well sort of) to finish these socks in time for Mother's Day. I had hoped to have the second sock done today so I could take it to Knit Night at my LYS and have some moral support while I embroidered the Lazy Daisy's on the leg. Unfortunately I'll have moral support while I knit the foot instead. Ah well... not much to be done about that now. Just keep knitting. Keep Knitting.

Other more pressing concerns have taken priority over this sock. Like the fact that I'm in yet another yarn swap (this time for Round 3 of Guilty Pleasures on Ravelry) and I just don't know what to get my pal so I've spent a ton of time searching the internet for crazy luxurious fibers that I desperately want (i.e. quivet, muskox, yak, even buffalo!). Eee... that's a dangerous search!

Plus, I somehow thought that Mother's Day was further away than it really is. For some reason it seemed like I should get 2 whole weeks in May before Mother's Day. I had the first sock finished a few weeks back and set it aside for a bit. I started some other things, finished the hippo, worked some booties, everything but the second sock. Darned day just sort of snuck up on me!

To quote one of my favorite kid movies... "Just Keep Moving Forward." It's time to knit.


Knittymuggins said...

Super cute socks! I hope you made your deadline :)


Lisa said...

The socks look so pretty and spring like. They will make a wonderful gift, regardless of when they are finished.