Monday, May 5, 2008

Mary Jane's Bootie

Baby's Got Bootie

I was joking with another Jess the other day about how saying "Bootie" makes us giggle. Well, try saying "Fuzzy angora bootie" without just a little giggle. These booties are for a yet-to-be-born little one. I've agreed to be a post-partum doula for a mom and dad here in the area. As part of the "Welcome to the Outside" process, she's going to get a new pair of booties. These little balls of fluff are supposed to be Mary Jane's. I've just got to work up the courage to learn to crochet the strap. I think I'm going to forgo the button closure since I'm always paranoid about babies and buttons.

Pattern: Mary Jane's from Creative Knitting
Yarn: some angora fluff - I lost both ball bands... bad knitter!
Modifications: Does screwing up the instep count as a modification? Otherwise I changed the knit every row at the bottom to reverse stockinette because I liked the more even texture.

I see myself making more of these and some of the yarn I got from Adam's grandma's stash will work perfectly. It's a quick fun knit. Now... no more procrastinating... I need to get out that darn crochet hook.

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Lisa said...

How adorable! They are so cute and you can make some to have around for those surprise babies that pop up.