Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pretty, pretty!

Since it's raining like cats and dogs today (of course it's raining because we're having our chimney taken out today!) I decided I need proof that we really do see the sun sometimes. This was taken last week during the brief period where the sun actually shone on our corner of Lake Superior. Let me just have a moment and soak up that sun....

The flowers were destined to be a mother's day present for my mom, but the yarn is all mine. It's Alpaca Sox from Classic Elite Yarns. I received it as a swap package a while back but hadn't taken any pictures that truly did it justice. I believe this colorway is Dusk. It's beautiful inside, but you can see that in the sun, it shines.

You've got to love a yarn that has a name as simple as Alpaca Sox. It tells it like it sees it. You want alpaca sock yarn, well here it is. Nice and simple. That's truth in advertising people!

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Lisa said...

That is amazing yarn. What pattern calls to it? I can't wait to see!