Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Unexplained Knitterly Behavior

The Perfect Bootie

Have you ever started something that you know beyond a reasonable doubt will not work out, yet you keep going regardless? That was me yesterday. I had this little sample of fat sock yarn from Hello Yarn that I thought would make the most perfect baby booties ever. I even have the cutest pink ribbon that says, "princess," to use as the tie. The yarn is soft and plump and has the absolute best twist - it's -pretty much the perfect sock yarn. I started knitting my standard baby bootie from Knitting for Baby. Somewhere right after the sole of the bootie I realized that I wasn't going to have enough yarn. But the skein had a tag attached that said 170 yds... that's enough for 2 pairs of booties. I must have enough yarn.

Nope, I had enough for exactly one bootie. One. The tag was for an entire skein, not a sample. I've written to Hello Yarn and am begging begging begging for another sample/skein. Otherwise I may have to come up with a line of unmatching booties and start telling people they are all the rage. Could I be a baby trendsetter?!


knitsational said...

Yes, once I was knitting a pair of slippers and didn't have to go very far at all to realize that the pattern was terribly wrong and only BigFoot would be able to wear them. But I went right along to the end anyway. The end of the slipper, though, not the pair. I'm not that dim! They were hilarious, though!

Lisa said...

Yes, you could truly be a trend setter! I can't wait to see the end to this one!