Monday, January 7, 2008

5 Goals

For the Sock It To Me Again swap, we've been given a challenge to come up with 5 Goals for 2008. Even though I've said repeatedly that I wasn't going to do this, I will do almost anything for free yarn. :)

1. Take my vitamins every day. I read on webmd that your nails are the window to your body. It looks like I'm a little low on iron (could have told you that!) and I probably need more calcium anyway.

2. Learn to spin. This one scares me because I suspect that it is another obsession waiting to happen. However, my Grandma has a spinning wheel that belonged to her grandmother. No one in the family knows how to use it. Apparently it's not a common type and when Grandma went to take lessons, the teacher wasn't able to help much. I would love to know how to use that wheel, it makes me teary just thinking about it.

3. Resume writing cute kid stuff on our calendar to put in the scrapbooks. I've gotten lazy on this one. I didn't write down Lily's first haircut or her last set of teeth coming in. Bad mom!

4. Knit a lace shawl. The entire thing. Not just 6 inches of a shawl.

5. Finish the old UFO's that I have lying around. Most notably the pinwheel sweater, Matty's afghan and the socks that have been frogged 3,000 times.


Lisa said...

These sound like wonderful goals. The second kiddo gets less of that calendar stuff. Just as the Munchkin....

Syren said...

Crazy...vitamins are my new year's resolution too!

Knittymuggins said...

Finishing UFO's and learning to spin are on my list this year too! Cool ;) Best of luck with all the goals!